Letter To Patients

To our valued patients,

We hope this letter finds you and your family doing well and in good health. We are happy to announce that we are slowly reopening our practice to elective dental care.

While things may look different, please know that we have taken the highest precautions to prepare for your next appointment.

To ensure your safety as a patient, we will continue our diligent disinfecting along with enhanced protocols to minimize person to person contact. Common areas are disinfected. All team members are wearing the appropriate PPE. We have installed a Sterile Aire-UVC system to our HVAC to kill bacteria and viruses. High volume suction capacity has been increased to reduce aerosols. HEPA filtration systems are running at all times in the Hygiene rooms.

To further protect patients we will be installing a larger external ADS aerosol mitigation system to each of our procedure rooms in August. We are one of the few dental offices in the state adding this level of aerosol reduction.

Patients must have a scheduled appointment. We are not able to accept walk-ins at this time. We are currently open Monday- Friday 8am – 3pm.

PATIENTS SHOULD BRUSH AND FLOSS PRIOR TO ARRIVAL FOR ALL VISITS! To minimize aerosols we no longer have sinks available for personal use.

When you arrive for your appointment:

  • For social distancing, we ask that no one accompany you during your appointment (except Parents, Caretakers or Drivers).
  • Only 3 people in our lobby at a time.
  • Everyone entering our office is required to wear a face covering and use hand sanitizer before entering (provided outside our door).
  • Check in at the Front Desk.
  • All Patients will fill out a Covid-19 questionnaire and have a temperature scan.
  • Patients with temperatures at or above 100.4 may be asked to reschedule.

Thank you for your patience as we adjust to our new normal. We are smiling under our masks and look forward to seeing you soon!

Dr. Kaivo, Dr. Hummel and Team

COVID-19 Review

This is a COPY of our COVID-19 consent form for your review. You will complete this at your appointment, along with a COVID-19 questionnaire.

I knowingly and willingly consent to have dental treatment completed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

I understand that the COVID-19 virus has a long incubation period during which carriers of the virus may not show symptoms and still be highly contagious. It is impossible to determine who has it and who does not given the current limits in virus testing. Dental procedures create water spray one way the disease is spread. The ultra-fine nature of the spray can linger in the air for minutes to sometimes hours, which can transmit the COVID-19 virus.

I understand that due to the frequency of visits of other dental patients, the characteristics of the virus, and the characteristics of dental procedures, that I have an elevated risk of contracting the virus simply by being in a dental office.

I confirm that I am not presenting any of the following symptoms of COVID-19 listed on the Covid questionnaire screening form.

I understand that the CDC recommends social distancing of at least 6 feet and that this is not possible in dentistry.

I verify that I have not traveled outside of Minnesota or United States in the last 14 days?
Although there are no guarantees in regards to the possibility of contracting COVID-19, my dentist and his staff will be following safety protocols as to best protect myself and the staff during treatment. I understand that I have the possibility to delay my treatment, and I have elected to have the procedure at this time.