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You might need a dental crown for various reasons, all aimed at restoring both the function and appearance of your teeth. Crowns are often recommended to protect a tooth that has undergone significant decay, preventing further damage and providing strength. Additionally, crowns are utilized to support a tooth after a root canal procedure or to cover and fortify a fractured tooth.

If you have a tooth with large fillings that need replacement or desire an aesthetic enhancement, a crown can restore the tooth’s natural look while ensuring its long-term durability.

The process of receiving a dental crown at our office is streamlined for your comfort and convenience. After numbing the area, we prepare the tooth and use an iTero scanner to create a precise digital impression. A temporary crown is placed to protect your tooth while your customized crown is being crafted. Within approximately one week, you return to have the final crown cemented securely in place, ensuring both functionality and a confident smile.

The longevity of your dental crown depends on several factors, including how well you maintain your oral hygiene and care for the crown. Regular brushing, flossing, and dental check-ups play a significant role in extending its lifespan. However, from an insurance standpoint, coverage might be considered for replacement every 5-7 years, which takes into account the wear and tear that can occur over time. Certain factors, such as clenching/grinding, biting nails and chewing ice can significantly decrease the lifespan of a veneer. Ultimately, your commitment to oral health and maintenance will greatly influence the lasting success of your crown.


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