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A frenectomy is a dental procedure that involves the removal of a small fold of tissue called a frenulum. There are two main types of frenulums in the mouth that might require attention: the lingual frenulum (located beneath the tongue) and the labial frenulum (located between the upper front teeth and the gum).

A frenectomy is often performed to correct issues related to tongue movement, gum recession, speech impediments, orthodontic treatment, or to address discomfort caused by restricted movement. The procedure is typically quick and can provide significant improvement in oral function and comfort.

The laser frenectomy is a minimally invasive procedure when utilizing the Waterlase system. The laser gently and precisely modifies or removes the frenulum tissue, sealing blood vessels as it works, which results in minimal bleeding and discomfort.

This precise approach eliminates the need for sutures, promoting quicker healing. The procedure is remarkably comfortable, often requiring only a topical anesthetic, eliminating the need for needles. This innovative technique ensures optimal outcomes with enhanced patient comfort and efficiency.

 Most cases only require a topical anesthetic applied to the area for 2-3 minutes. Talk with your dentist regarding a custom plan to keep you comfortable for this procedure. 


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